Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin
Q: kelly :) your blog is freaking awesome

Kelly and Thank you! :)

K- K.I.A by Jet

E- Eye Pattern Blindness by POND

L- Long Hair by Drowners

L- Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd

Y- YAYAYA by Starfuckers

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Q: Im Perla

HI Perla! :)

P- Past Lives by DIIV

E- Enter Sandman by Metallica

R- Rain Song by Led Zeppelin

L- Love Buzz by Nirvana

A- A- Punk by Vampire Weekend

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Q: Katarina (:

Katarina :)

K- King of the Beach by Wavves

A- Aces High by Iron Maiden

T- Trashmouth by Vanna

A- Against them all by Stick to your guns 

R- Ride the Lightning by Metallica

I- In friends we trust by Chuck No Captain Chuck

N- No Hope by Like MOths to Flames

A- A story to tell by WOe, Is me

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Alright so i’m going to do all the name songs thingy tonight i’ll do all


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Q: Theodore


T- Taste by Animal Collective

H- Here comes the sun by the beatles

E- Elephant by Tame Impala

O- OK by Micachu and the shapes

D- D is for Dangerous by Arctic Monkeys

O- One by Metallica

R- Rain Song by Led Zeppelin

E- Empty by Allbrook/ Avery

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Q: Zachary


Z-Zoom by Last Dinosaurs

A- Arms Raised by Closed Eyes

C- Can I kick it by a tribe called quest

H- Hand of blood by Bullet for my valetnine

A- American Idiot by Green Day

R- Rope by Foo fighters

Y- The Youth by MGMT

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