Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin


Imagine Roger Waters picking up David in a booty mobile. When he honks, farting noises come out.

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I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

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Q: The Beach Boys...I think its safe to assume you haven't seen most, if not all these bands or musicians live. Ha!

haha its true xD

send me an artist and ill do the

  • Favorite song: Kokomo
  • Less favorite song: Dont have one
  • Favorite album Pet Sounds
  • Ever seen them live? I saw them on Full House, does that count?
  • Am I a fan? YES

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Q: Eagles

send me an artist and ill do the

  • Favorite song: Hotel California 
  • Less favorite song: not sure
  • Favorite album Desperado
  • Ever seen them live? Nope
  • Am I a fan? ehhhhhhhh not really lol

asked by megsween

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